Julliz Solicitors undertake several aspects of criminal defence work, ranging from minor offences to the most serious offences and appeals. We undertake both legal aid and privately funded work.

Julliz Solicitors mix of clientele come from diverse background and cut across the homeless to wealthy professionals who have found themselves on the wrong side of the law. Whoever our clients are they can be sure that they will receive the same highest level of care and advice from our experienced lawyers.

We appreciate that being subject of a criminal investigation, however minor or serious, can be an extremely stressful time. Accordingly, at Julliz Solicitors we treat each of our cases with the same care and attention regardless of the nature of the offence.

We work closely with a team of forensic experts and scientists and we are able to go the extra mile in strategically using technological advances and forensics to defend our clients and achieve the best possible outcome.

Under the criminal justice system we are all innocent until proven guilty. Our experienced criminal lawyers will guide you through every step of the criminal process ensuring we act in your best interest at each stage.

Julliz Solicitors’ crime team offers 24 hours police station representation with an emergency on demand mobile number. We regularly advise and represent clients at police station interviews, Magistrates’ courts, Crown courts and Criminal Court of Appeal hearings.

It is for the reasons above that you should make Julliz Solicitors your first choice.

Our dedicated crime team is here to assist you round the clock. In an emergency please contact our 24 hours emergency number on 0779 6064 373

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