employmentThe sea changes in legislation and case law, coupled with media interest, can make it difficult to fully understand the legal aspects of employment. The good news is that our employment law team is here to help you decide on the validity of your claim and then guide you through your claim. Our advisers’ work start from the initial impartial advice we provide, to strong and effective representation at the Employment Tribunal.



We advise on:

  • Compromise agreements
  • Dismissals – constructive, unfair, redundancy and wrongful
  • Work place discrimination
  • Drafting policies for employers
  • TUPE regulation

Because we understand that litigation cost can often make a wrongfully dismissed employee not to seek redress, our initial approach is to seek to resolve your dispute with your employer through negotiation. Obviously, we are aware that negotiation may not work in every case and where a claim will unavoidably go before an Employment Tribunal, we can agree to handle your matter on a conditional fee agreement basis subject to our terms and conditions.