The United Kingdom’s Immigration laws, rules and regulations are changing all the time.

passportUnless an immigration adviser is skilled and ready to update their knowledge with recent legislations, a vulnerable immigration applicant (whether individual or business) can end up receiving wrong legal advice with dire consequences as ignorance of the law can never be advanced as an excuse. Julliz Solicitors is proud that our dedicated immigration advisers are on top of their game in keeping pace with changes in the field of immigration legislations and practice directions. The team not only ensures that you receive clear advice based upon current immigration rules and policies but guide you through your entire application process.

We advise and represent clients in all tiers of the Immigration Tribunals. We also advise and assist clients to prepare and submit to the Home Office the following applications:

  • Asylum and Human Rights applications
  • Points Based and Business applications
  • Indefinite leave and Long Residence applications
  • Citizenship and Nationality applications
  • EU (EEA) Residence applications
  • Spouse, visitors visa and visa extension applications
  • Family Reunion applications
  • Domestic Workers applications
  • Domestic Violence applications
  • Marriage and other relationship applications
  • Assist those illegally entered the UK or overstayed their visa, regularise their stay
  • Appeals and bail applications for detainees
  • Challenges to removal or deportation decisions
  • Judicial Review