Legal Notice

Complaints procedure

Julliz Solicitors LLP is committed to providing its clients with legal services of highest quality. Thus, any client who is unhappy with the advice and/or assistance that he(s) receives from the Firm, is entitled to raise their concern with us. A copy of the Firm’s complaints procedure can be obtained upon request at any time of a retainer. The Firm’s policy is to deal with complaints internally in the first instance as experience has shown that this is the quickest way of achieving a resolution. However, any client who is not satisfied with the Firm’s handling of complaints may be entitled to ask the Legal Ombudsman to look into the complaint.


Legal Disclaimer

The information on this website is not intended in any manner to be relied upon as legal or professional advice. It is for marketing and general information purposes only and Julliz Solicitors LLP accepts no responsibility for any loss occasioned by reliance on materials contained on this website. We recommend that you contact the Firm for specific questions and advice.